MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014 Technology and Creative Festival

MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014
出演者:メッセージアプリ「Cubie Messenger」の James Hill が出演



James runs business development at Cubie, a mobile messaging company with nearly 10 million users worldwide. Prior to joining Cubie in 2012, James worked for the semi-governmental research organization III (Institute for Information Industry) in Taiwan supporting local startups. He was also responsible for developing links with regional startup hubs and Silicon Valley as well as providing policy reports to the Central Government. James is also the curator for the StartupDigest Taipei, and a facilitator for Startup Weekend events in Taiwan. James has an MBA from National Taipei University and is originally from London. You can follow him on Twitter @jameshilltaiwan.

JamesはまたStartupDigest Taipeiのキュレーター、および台湾のStartupWeekendのファシリテーターです。是非、@jameshilltaiwanをフォローしてください。

Talk Topic: Opportunities in Asia for Startup Collaboration, it’s not just about the Valley
Often we turn to Silicon Valley for inspiration and ’the next big thing’ and while it’s important to learn from the people and businesses there it’s also important to learn and work with the startup cities immediately on our doorstep. Initiatives like Introduce Startups and Asia-centric conferences and events help, but how can we work across borders and unlock opportunities right in front of us?

講演内容: シリコンバレーだけじゃない、スタートアップのコラボレーションにおけるアジアの可能性


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