MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014 Technology and Creative Festival

MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014



Festival of Technology & Creative

MYOJO WARAKU is the festival for the purpose “gather tech and creative people“ it is start from 2011. We create the environment to produce “technology inspired by creative and which can rock your sense “ not just inorganic technology. It’s is seems that “there is no connection between technology and art or creativity”, but We believe that to people touch technology must be attractive.

MYOJO WARAKU take the approach that “how can technology more attractive ” than “how can use technology ”. and grow up the mind of to develop technology which want to touch, and discover the star of the future to raise up Japan, Taiwan, Asia thought this event.

Why in Taipei this time?

MYOJO WARAKU is the event for the Asia and World, not just for Fukuoka and Japan. We are trying to build platform which can make creative connection beyond the job, border , race.

Although our goal seems far beyond,  to go one big step forward We decided hold in taiwan which have  a good relationship with japan this time, and staff can corporate together.

Name MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in Taipei
Organizer Committee of MYOJYO WARAKU
Sponsor Non-profit organization Seasar Foundation
Corporate Fukuoka City
Place The Red House, Ximen (02-2311-9380 ext.68)
Date Open 1pm, January 18, 2014
Fee Free

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