MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014 Technology and Creative Festival

MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014
MYOJO WARAKU 2014 to be held at Taipei’s Ximen Red House on January 18


MYOJO WARAKU 2014 is coming to the Ximen Red House in Taipei on January 18, the main purpose of this event is to be “a party for technologists and creators”. At the inaugural event in 2011 in Fukuoka, Japan, 1250 people attended. The following year, this grew to over 3500.


During the event, experts share the latest technologies and important issues, and divide participants into small groups for discussion. Attendees of the Taipei event will include the Mayor of Fukuoka; MontBlanc Pictures, winners of the Cannes Film Festival for their animation; Bascule Inc., makers of the first interactive TV; famous DJs and Internet startups will also be taking to the stage.


The organizers have also invited female idol KUSA, whose reputation and fame is growing in Taiwan, to forge a bridge between the people of Japan and Taiwan. Of course, her management team is composed of Taiwanese and Japanese.


MYOJO WARAKU aims to build links across Asia, and maybe one day, the world, by providing a space for exchanges between different occupations and disciplines, countries and peoples to generate creativity and spur mutual learning and growth.


The organizers will take this opportunity to work with sponsors, performers and participants to collaborate, and in the spirit of mutual respect and shared experiences, we will work towards long term cooperation in the future, between the people of Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere.

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