MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014 Technology and Creative Festival

MYOJO WARAKU 2014 in TAIPEI – Jan 18, 2014
Speaker: Micaela Braithwaite from Kawaii-ku

Micaela Braithwaite from Kawaii-ku comes on the stage.


I’m Micaela, the 2nd chief exective, Kawaiiku ward office !
I’m from Canada , but I came to Kyushu over eight years ago. I make videos about wide variety of different subjects and I put them on YouTube.I had been interested in living here ever since I first moved to Japan. Fukuoka’s food tastes great! We get both the ocean and the mountain ranges , close to the city. The culture is really interesting , there’s Dontaku , and Yamakasa!It is this Fukuoka , My favorite Fukuoka that I want to introduce , not only to the Japanese , but also to people wherever they are in the world.
Everyone, it’s so nice to meet you !

Meet Kawaii ward, the self-initiated Fukuoka special correspondent, Micaela! Micaela, who has been streaming videos on Youtube, is a Fukuokan originally from Canada. She first came to Fukuoka in 2005 as a senior high school student. In 2007, while teaching English, she started posting video blogs about her daily life. The video was filmed and edited personally by her and she has been continuously promoting Fukuoka and Japan through her video blog. For her endless effort and contribution, she was chosen to be the mayor of Kawaii ward. Her video blogs on Youtube have reached over 2,3 million viewers (as of September 2013) from all over the world.

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